Global citizenship is the idea of all persons having rights and civic responsibilities that come with being a associate of the World, with whole-world philosophy and sensibilities, rather than as a citizen of a particular nation or place

The Global Citizen is above all a philanthropos, a friend to all mankind who seeks to help others. It is the Global Citizen who can make the grand-scale decisions that will shift the world onto a better, more secure and sustainable path. Why? Because the Global Citizen has vision and access, and is responsible, well-connected, effective and determined.

Global Citizens can reach out to more than one noble cause. This is what the Global Citizen Foundation stands for.

We are committed to making a difference by reaching out to children and young people in need. We focus on education, but also seek to contribute to the next generation of leaders and education policy worldwide.

BLE brings you an opportunity to step into world of global citizens. If you are interested to know more on how to become global citizen, please write us on 

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