BLE Kindergarten & Nursery Assessment Program -BSAP

Our international test board has announced BSAP-2022.

The motive of BLE Pre School Searchs Assessment Program (BSAP) – is International Knowledge Standards Assessment for Outline Reporting of Kindergarten Inclination and is to evaluate  skills in children from early childhood to kindergarten.

An initiative by BLE International Education Council, BSAP is aligned to the BLE International Standards for kindergarten in the areas of English/Language Arts and Mathematics and includes three functional areas: physical, personal care and social-emotional skills. Assessment reports from BSAP are used for status reporting for  students receiving special education.

Assessment reports from BSAP are used for status reporting for Kindergarten and Nursery class students receiving special education.

The BSAP is graded by our educationists based on participant child’s ongoing observations viz  based on  child’s intentional engagement, habits and skills. BSAP is available for International schools, preschools, and education organizations. Assessment results/Reports from BSAP can be used to determine which skills a child have expertise and to identify the student’s skill/ abilities to learn next.

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