BLE International

Benefits of Joining BLE World

Experience the transformative power of our platform and expand your educational horizons.

Global Connections

Connect and collaborate with educational institutions from around the world.

Internationally Recognized Certificates

Offer students and teachers the opportunity to earn internationally recognized certificates.

Access to International Tests

Conduct international tests to evaluate student abilities and measure progress.

BLE Associate Advantages

1. Nominate your head of School/Organization to be a part of BLE Associate Board.

2. Be invited to our worldwide conferences, held globally.

3. Receive your Associateship certificate and display it with pride.

4. Our consultancy services to know the latest trends and happening in the schools all around the globe.

5. Enter for our awards and fellowship programs, rewarding hard work in challenging time.

6. Receive BLE’s magazine, featuring the latest news, best practice and advices.

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